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Why choose a Soft Sole Shoe?

Why choose soft soles

When your child first begins to walk, providing them with proper foot protection while still enabling maximum movement is important for his or her foot development.
Allowing your children to wear soft sole shoes helps their feet to grow normally develop its musculature and strength and the grasping action of the toes.

While it may seem that hard, stiff shoes would provide a steadier foundation for your child the opposite is true. Shoes that are too rigid or tight can change the shape of your child’s feet or alter the child’s stride as they have to lift their feet to move hindering their walking abilities.

It is important for them to feel the ground they're walking on to learn how to walk properly. Soft sole shoes allow the feet to move freely and to feel the ground as they walk yet provide the needed protection to their delicate skin that having bare feet doesn't provide.

I often get parents of toddlers saying my kid hates shoes! Initially getting the shoes on their feet can cause toddler meltdowns but once on they quickly forget about them as they have no restrictions of movement in their feet and soon realise our shoes aren't so bad after all.
Soft sole shoes are a great way to get your child used to wearing shoes on their feet.

We all want to start our children off on the right foot and the right footwear is the key!

16 reasons why my customers LOVE Bandits and Bambinas shoes.
1. Machine washable
2. Perfect for learning to walk in
3. Soft/light on newborns feet
4. Super easy to take on and off
5. Funky and modern designs
6. Light and breathable fabric
7. Affordable
8. Comfortable
9. Actually fit chunky feet
10. Flexible for crawlers and walkers
11. Design - they stay on kicking/wriggling feet
12. The Dad tick of approval
13. Protect feet from the elements
14. Barefoot feel and grounding aspect
15. Great for indoor play grounds
16. Quality